About Mindfulness

It is hard for children and teens to slow down in this busy, overscheduled world full of endless stimulation, entertainment and distraction. Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention to the present moment, on purpose. Practicing mindfulness allows for that much-needed time to slow down, and simply be. Doing so fosters calmness, focused attention, self-control, and emotional & behavioral regulation. Engaging in mindfulness exercises also develops the prefrontal cortex area of the brain, the part of the brain responsible for learning!

About Calma

Calma was founded in 2017 to provide parents and educators the tools they need to practice mindfulness with children & youth to create calmer, happier classrooms where more effective learning occurs. At its inception, Calma won the first-ever Judge’s Choice Award in San Antonio’s Venture Challenge, a city-wide entrepreneurial competition for start-ups. Check out Calma’s “Success Story” Feature by LaunchSA.

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About the Founder

Nellie Springston is a first-time mom with a deep passion to raise a kind, smart & happy generation of children. She graduated first in her class with a M.Ed. School Counseling & Psychology, then spent years working in Psychology research learning about trauma, stress and the brain before making her way back to a school setting as a behavior interventionist where she used mindfulness techniques with her most troubled students, and saw incredible results. 

She obsessively consumes all she can about early childhood development, and its life-long effects on the brain, learning & well-being. The latest research shows more clearly every day that cognitive development and intelligence are very much malleable and that we (parents, educators and caregivers) play an integral role in our children’s future success. The best psychologists, doctors, economists, and educators of our time are currently developing research-based approaches that enable kids to learn and flourish, academically, socially and emotionally. She feels this leaves her with a total of zero excuses not to access, and use, this wealth of information to grow the heart and brain of her daughter, and every child she engages with all while sharing it with you on her blog. Check it out.