"My favorite thing about Calma is that it helps my students slow down, notice things about themselves and their environment, and focus on one small thing at a time, like their shoulders or the sound of a bell. Even my most active students have shown the ability to still their bodies and minds, and then take that calm feeling with them into our next learning activity. I now see students independently using the breathing strategies to calm themselves during the day when they feel frustrated or anxious. Calma introduced these skills in a fun, novel way, so they really enjoyed learning to feel peaceful. They love learning new mindfulness strategies, and they want more of them!"

— Lauren Pum 1st grade teacher at Lamar Elementary



“Nellie Springston has impressively combined her counseling background, research knowledge, and her extensive experience working with school-aged youth to develop 'Calma', a well-designed, mindfulness-based program for schools.  This program is the missing link between classic educational values and what we now know needs more focus:  the mind.  Calma is based on the strongest research related helping children and teens regulate emotion, behavior and attention in a way that will allow them to maximize educational performance and emotional well-being.  With a focus on frontal lobe development through building self-awareness, social awareness, and self-regulation skills, the Calma program would benefit any learning environment that values the whole child. As a clinical psychologist, I am thrilled to see such a well thought-out program that is designed and led by someone with the knowledge and qualifications to do so."

Dr. Lindsay Bira Clinical Health Psychologist www.drlindsaybira.com



"We had a young man in 5th grade that would blurt out in class, and be really eager and jump around. Since implementing this program, we’ve been able to see him pause for a second, take a deep breath, and use exactly what’s he’s been doing in the program to make sure he’s not jumping around or interrupting the class."

— Bradley Terrance former Principal at KIPP: Aspire Middle School