Nellie Springston M.Ed.

I am a first-time mom, educator & former behavior interventionist in San Antonio, Texas with a passion to raise a kind, smart & happy generation of children. I obsessively consume all the research I can about early childhood development, and its effects on life-long learning and well-being. Then, I freely share it with anyone willing to listen, watch or read. The latest brain imaging research shows more clearly every single day that cognitive development, love, language, stress, happiness, learning, intelligence, academics, character, mindset and success are completely related, and very much malleable, and that we, caregivers and educators, play an integral role in our children's future. The best psychologists, doctors, economists, and educators of our time are currently collaborating to develop research-based approaches to teaching that enable kids to learn and flourish, academically, socially and emotionally. In my opinion, this leaves me with a total of zero excuses not to access, and use, this wealth of information to grow the heart and brain of my daughter, and every child I engage with, while sharing this knowledge with anyone who is interested.