Read what Parents, Educators and others are saying about Calma's Mindfulness Classroom Curricula and Parenting Workshop 


Lauren Pum, 1st Grade Teacher at Lamar Elementary 

"My favorite thing about Calma is that it helps my students slow down, notice things about themselves and their environment, and focus on one small thing at a time, like their shoulders or the sound of a bell. Even my most active students have shown the ability to still their bodies and minds, and then take that calm feeling with them into our next learning activity. I now see students independently using the breathing strategies to calm themselves during the day when they feel frustrated or anxious. Calma introduced these skills in a fun, novel way, so they really enjoyed learning to feel peaceful. They love learning new mindfulness strategies, and they want more of them. I've tried other mindfulness programs, like Headspace, but there really isn't anything else out there like Calma for the classroom."

Chris Lair, father of Tommy (1) and Lucy (4 mos.)

“We all have the best of intentions for raising our children, but often lack the experience or training to know what is effective. I know I’m not alone when I say, as a new father of two kids under 2 years old, I have felt ill prepared for the challenges of parenthood. Attending the Calma workshop was one of the best investments I’ve made for the benefit of my family. Not only did Nellie help me to better understand the specific developmental needs of my children, but she also presented practical solutions for my own personal growth and development. Using the most current research and application, the information was well presented and engaging. I wholeheartedly recommend any parent who wishes to increase their understanding of child development and best practices to attend the next Calma workshop.”


DrLindsayBira UTHSCSA Headshot white coat.jpg

Dr. Bira, Clinical Health Psychologist and Mindfulness Expert

"Nellie Springston has impressively combined her counseling background, research knowledge, and her extensive experience working with school-aged youth to develop 'Calma', a well-designed, mindfulness-based program for schools.  This program is the missing link between classic educational values and what we now know needs more focus:  the mind.  Calma is based on the strongest research related helping children and teens regulate emotion, behavior and attention in a way that will allow them to maximize educational performance and emotional well-being.  With a focus on frontal lobe development through building self-awareness, social awareness, and self-regulation skills, the Calma program would benefit any learning environment that values the whole child. As a clinical psychologist, I am thrilled to see such a well thought-out program that is designed and led by someone with the knowledge and qualifications to do so." 

Danielle Lean, Educator and mom to three.

"Calma’s Mindful Parenting Workshop really opened my eyes to the impact that we as parents can have on our child's social and emotional development. Nellie not only provides a plethora of information and resources, but she also provides an opportunity for application. Following her class, I immediately went home and taught my four year-old daughter how to belly breathe. My daughter chooses to belly breathe on her own, even without me having to entice her! There is no doubt that I am a much better and more empowered parent moving forward, as my daughter is a much more in-control and happier child."

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